The Internet presents a world of opportunity to the more patient and ambitious among entrepreneurs For those expecting to make a quick buck, however, disappointment is by the most likely thing that awaits. Long gone are the days when the Internet was young and the foresight were capitalizing on what was then a relatively untapped market.

Today, competition is absolutely rife in the virtual world and its takes a lot more patience and perseverance than many people think to make anything online let alone enough to be able to leave their day job and start living the location-independent life of an online freelancer. That being said, the opportunities are there for those who have the stamina, and determination to find them. Many people are making money online and some have become millionaires from their online ventures. Here's five of the most popular ways to make money online today.

Selling Your Things Online

The days of car boot sales and the like have become largely outdated and they never provided much of an opportunity to make money from the things you want to get rid of anyway. eBay, by comparison, is the world’s most popular online market place and it allowsyou to advertise and sale things to a nationwide or even international audience. If you have some things that you want to get rid of then eBay is a great place to start. Other sites, also present various options for those wanting to sell their things. Once you get the hang of using these sites, you could even become a reseller, purchasing items In bulk at wholesale prices and then selling them to consumers for a profit.


Millions of people operate a blog but only a tiny percentage of the blogosphere actually makes any money. This is partly because most people operate a blog primarily for social reasons as It presents a great medium for sharing your stories and thoughts with the rest of the world. However, blogging has also become one of the most popular ways to make money online. Anyone who has a popular blog that receives enough visitors can start making money from it by placing pay-per-click advertisements on their sites, joining affiliate programs and more. While it is true That few people make a full-time income from blogging alone, many people make a little extra on the side.

Affiliate Marketing 

Most of us spend time on the road each day commuting from home to office as well as running errands. Although the time spent stopped at traffic lights and idling in traffic may seem like wasted time, there we ways to put this time to use and even earn money while doing it. Yes, you can actually make money while driving.

You may have seen business related cars and trucks that have some form of advertising printed on them. Although having your car imprinted with advertising can be expensive, there’s a less costly alternative. Some companies are making inexpensive plates you can stick to the back of your car which can carry any message you wish. These can be used to print out the name of a business or the name of a domain and attach it to the back of your car. The letters attach by peeling off the tape on the back and pressing them onto your car in a conspicuous area.

Making money while driving using the marketing power of domain plates Is easy. Simply choose an affiliate product that you’d like to promote. The best type of product to select is an information product or eBook that solves a common problem. To find a good information product to promote, go to clickbank and look through the many eBooks available. For most of these ebooks, you’ll receive fifty percent of the selling price when someone purchases through your link or website. In some cases, you may receive sixty or seventy percent of the purchase price. This can add tip quickly.

Once you have an affiliate product picked out, think of a short, clever domain name that describes the problem you’re solving with your information product. Use a domain hosting service such as Go Daddy to register your domain name. You can park your new domain on Go Daddy completely free of charge. Go back to the product you’ve chosen to promote on Clickbank and click on the tab that says “create clickbank”. You’ll be able to enter your Clickbank I.D. and your own personal link will be created to the product page so that you get a commission for each sale.

Copy the Clickbank address onto notepad. Now head over to Go Daddy where you’ve parked your domain. Look up your domain name and click on it. You should be given a variety of options for managing your domain name. Choose “forward”. Once there, did on the box that enables domain name forwarding. In the box labeled “forward to”, paste the link address you saved from Clickbank. Under “redirect type”, fill in the box for 301 moved permanently. Your parked domain will automatically redirect to the Clickbank page when the address is entered. If you need help with this, the people at Go Daddy can walk you through it by phone. Once you’ve done it once, it’s quite easy. To make money while driving, have your new domain name this redirects to the sales.


For those seeking to make some more serious money online, Internet freelancing presents a world of opportunity with little or no risk involved. Rather than taking the gamble of trying out your own online ventures, freelancing simply Involves doing some work and getting paid. However, it is not quite as easy as It sounds. While just about anyone diotild be able to score some kind of one-off job in just a matter of days, the pay is likely to be dismal. Popular skills which are in high demand include writing software development, Web design and graphic design. Freelancers often start off finding their work on websites such as freelancer.com or elance.com where they bid on individual jobs.

Domain Name Flipping

Domain name flipping is all about registering domain names and then selling them some years later. The process works similarly to stocks and shares and it is also just as risky, if not more so. Nonetheless, some people have made a great deal of money by flipping domain names, particularly In the earlier days of the Internet. Today, by contrast, most of the inherently high value domain names have already been registered and, if they are for sale, they normally demand enormous prices. Those interested in domain name flipping are often better off looking at addresses with new and emerging top level domain names (the final part of a Web address such as .com or .net etc.) before they become popular. Need help flipping domains? Try KEYSOME.

Writing an Ebook

Ebooks have become a very popular digital medium for exchanging more in-depth Information on a particular subject than that which you are normally likely to find on websites themselves. Many of those who have an extensive level of knowledge In a particular subject have written an ebook on it and then sold it through various online channels such as Clickbank etc simply through their own websites and a network of affiliates.

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