There is a common misconception that after the domain registration process, there is no more need to safeguard the acquired domain, but actually, the otherwise is true. After applying for and purchasing a domain, an end-user or site owner should ensure that the name or address is fully controlled.

In that way, it can be protected against hackers that can ruin or misuse the registered websites and consequently hamper the operations of the site. The protection can be done by first choosing a unique and extended password for the domain setup. Then, the security lock on the control panel should be enabled.

The owner privacy should also be set to avoid displaying the owners’ address and contact information to other people. Finally, the auto renewal setting should be activated to avoid having the name accessed and owned by other users upon expiration. Of course, the auto alert should also be activated to ensure that all activities occurring in the website will be reported.

Domain Registration is the backbone of any website. The main purpose of domain registration is to carry out an effective communication between the domain name server and a private user. The domain name registrars only act as an agent in building this communication effectively.

The domain name registrars assign a particular space in the domain name server for the website owners so that the owners can publish their contents within this space. Further requirement of space as time progresses can be achieved during the renewal process of domain name. The registrars usually allow license up to a maximum period of ten years after which it must be renewed.

There are certain domain name registrars which carry out all the functions of domain registration, creation of website content, website hosting and search engine optimization. This makes it simpler for the website owners as they do not have to interfere much with website launching activities. The contents are secured that the registrars do not have any access to any of the private files of the website which is very much required. Thanks for reading!

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