We often wonder, why is a pair of branded shoes are so horribly expensive? In today's world, pricing is always just another factor, and someone else always has a lower price. quality, easily changed and replicated. Customer service, sounds good in theory but it changes all the time. Is something tagged expensive, really good? Just because you slap 2 labels of a branding on a deliverable, does it make it exclusive? How much does clients pay for product branding?

When we tackle a problem, we always look at processes and the path they take. Each company is unique in this regard, because each process structure has been designed by the individual interpretations of the company's dients and employees. This is why it is almost impossible and frankly a total waste of time, to try and replicate what mother company has done because it is not achievable.

Building your brand upon your unique operations capabilities, is one of the key factors to client success. Often when the word brand is brought up, it is thought of as a marketing tool. An image of a product, service or company. For companies that truly want to own their market, they often try to develop brands that build trust, loyalty, an image of strong growth with their market. Many of today's biggest names in business have spent millions to cultivate such brands. Most of that money is wasted because the true nature of what a brand is, is totally ignored. Business processes are the ways to truly brand your business.

Brands are everywhere on everything! Businesses sell products, but they advertise Brands. People shop for food, but they buy brands. Everyone loves music, but listen to different bands. Times right, a band is a Brand, the name is the game, and if you make it, you brand it before you sell it. Even "generic" is a brand.

Choosing, finding, discovering, inventing a brand for your product is as important as the quality of its ingredients or your personal commitment to its perfection. The brand you decide becomes the main identifying mark of your product. No one will ever know how delicious or well made It is until they recognize your brand as different from the rest. You will advertise the brand, your goods, product, or service will be known by the brand. And just like in the old west, you will live and die by the brands you own.

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