A blog on your business website is essential. Admittedly, that’s probably not news to you there are a thousand different online guides explaining the benefits of a blog or news section on your business site. Even if your site exists primarily to promote your company, a blog can still be a valuable asset. So you have the blog because you know you should.

However, loading a blog section is not the end of the story. You now have to figure out the answer to a question that has perplexed many business owners: what do you put on the blog? After all, you’re not a writer, you’re a business owner. As a result of this issue, many business blogs have the requisite section, but it languishes untouched for months on end. A blog can genuinely be beneficial to your business, but only If you use it correctly.

It’s a universally accepted for online marketing that content is king. High-quality content builds value for your users, and there’s no doubt that search engines love to devour fresh material whenever they can. However, this doesn’t mean all content Is good content, and many less-savvy marketers fall Into the trap of churning out content for the sake of it, with little more than a vague hope that this will be a fast track to success.

Of course, producing hundreds of pages of filler content is unlikely to do much more than waste your time and resources, along with adding to the terabytes of useless material that bloats today's web. For your content to assume Its rightful regal position, It needs to perform one or more of the following functions.

Increase Search Engine Visibility

One of the primary criteria on which to judge a piece of content is how well it can serve to improve your search engine visibility. With textual content, this means coveting a range of keywords related to your page’stopic, although It’s essential to do this in a natural, unforced way. Producing well-rounded content with search engine optimization in mind can solidity your existing rankings and position you for new terms, both of which can have an extremely healthy effect on your traffic and profits.

Benefit the User

Of course, few websites are successful unless they please their visitors, no matter how much traffic the search engines send their way. Your content should inform, entertain, or help your users in a genuine way, or else it’s a waste of time and bandwidth.

The science of marketing has led some companies today to seek out a so-called story brand. Great storytellers like Rowling and Spielberg engage the human brain with their storytelling models, bringing people along for an unpredictable ride. Marketers today are trying to tap into that same mental engagement.

These marketing professionals and creative founders recognize that selling products and services through storytelling is more powerful than simply listing the impressive qualities of whatever is being sold. With that being said, this model is far from easy. It demands the creation of engaging content. Here are four steps to build that engaging content using the storytelling model.

Maintain unpredictability

Sports fans tune away from games when the outcome is no longer in doubt, and readers lose interest in books when they can anticipate the ending. The key to engagement is to maintain unpredictability. Good content creation is all about hitting readers with something they haven’t seen before. You an do this through formatting or the actual content. The key Is to keep your readers guessing. You can think of your content marketing as an ongoing workout. Trainers advise people to keep the muscles guessing over time. That’s what you must do with each new blog post or content marketing pitch you produce.

Simplicity Wins

In a world where all companies can get their message out to customers, It’s not the loudest voice that wins. Rather, It’s the clearest voice that tends to get through. Today’s customers just do not have the time to put up with unclear messaging. if they can’t tell within a few seconds what you’re saying and selling, they’ll move on to the next competitor.

Simplicity can be achieved with quality witting. Many companies that farm out their content marketing are learning that it pays to pay more for content that’s dear. it can also be achieved by narrowing the focus of your content marketing. Nike succeeded by narrowing its branding down to the simple slogan of “Just Do It.” Companies that want to experience a similar level of success must find a way to cut down their message from pages to sentences.

Authenticity to Build Trust

Readers and viewers like storytellers who are authentic Some of the best authors in history have been unconventional but imminently willing to write in their own style. The key to effective and engaging content marketing is to construct content in a voice that’s purely yours today's readers aren’t necessarily looking for perfection. They’ll know if your content is synthetic, however.

Another reason to emphasize authenticity is that you’ll need to repeat your voice over time. Episodic content marketing is becoming a more powerful tool, allowing marketers to bring people in over a series of different postings. If you’re inauthentic, then you’ll struggle to reproduce a similar voice and approach In the next blog post. Just as the liar can sometimes struggle to keep up with which he’s told to which people, you’ll struggle to match the tone if you aren’t authentic from the beginning.

Using credibility to Build Trust

Readers develop trust for authors slowly. The key to a good story, though, Is getting that reader to believe what the storyteller Is spinning. There are many ways to establish what literature buffs would call “pathos” The most Important thing Is to %mite on what you know. If you’re the owner of a private jet charter company, then write engaging content on how to choose the best plane for your needs if you’re writing on those areas where you are a true expert, then the content will have a credibility factor that suggests to readers that they are receiving something of value.

The storytelling model can be a powerful tool for engaging readers today. It activates the brain in the same way a good movie does, getting people to do more than just flick through your marketing. Getting them to engage requires that you understand the psychology behind why people compelling tales. These 4 steps will allow you to build that engaging content to help grow your brand and convert more goals. One of the best ways to get the most from your blogging efforts is to have a consistent content schedule. It will take the guesswork out of your content creation and marketing plans, which will benefit you and your business in many ways.

Let Readers Know What to Expect

When you establish a schedule for your blog content, you won’t be the only one following it. Your readers will take notice aswell. When your readers know what to expect from you, it will get them in the habit of checking your blog for new content on the days they know you’ll be posting, which leadstoconsistently Increasing traffic over time.

Work More Efficiently

Having a schedule makes creating, posting, and promoting your blog content as efficient as possible. That means no more falling behind on witting deadlines and missing days when you should have published a post. Using a well-thought-out content schedule frees up a lot of extra time that you can use to focus on other aspects of your blog that are vital to its growth.

Add Variety to Your Content

By knowing what content you’ll be publishing in the days and weeks ahead, you can easily diversify your content to ensure that your readership Is always Interested In what you’re posting. Keep your readers engaged by posting content such as how-to guides, product reviews, videos, and anything else you can think of that Includes useful advice for people, and do so at intervals that keep the content from becoming repetitive.

Plan Your Marketing Around Upcoming Content

Integrate special promotions, product launches, and the sharing of exciting news into your upcoming content schedule. Doing so allows you to roll out these vital pieces of information in a way that gives you total control over how they reach your readers. As a result, you will have much more targeted marketing campaigns and also keep your readers hooked and ready to see more.

These are lust a few of the many benefits you’ll experience by scheduling blog content. When you choose to stick to a fixed content schedule, you’ll be able to diversify your blog’s content, save valuable time and resources, successfully plan future marketing efforts, & give your readers content they can count on.