If you want to write for a living then writing web content is an excellent way to start making money without having to spend a lot of time training or honing your craft. There is a lot of demand for web content, and if you have determination, solid writing skills, and the ability to market your services then you may be able to make a full-time career out of writing.

So how should you get started in this popular writing niche? Here are six steps that you can take to set yourself up as a freelance web content writer and start finding clients within weeks

Launch Your Website

No freelance writer should be without a website these days. Luckily, it is very easy to set up a professional looking website using the tools that are now available. All you will need are a hosting account and a domain name, and then you can download Word press and create a website within minutes.

Choose a domain name that is either your own personal name or the name of your freelance business. You can purchase this name for a year or longer at any number of domain registration services online. It is worth mentioning that although you can set up a free blog on sites like Blogger, it looks far more professional to have your own personal domain name, so this is a small investment to make to create a more positive impression on clients.

Choose a web host from one of the many available, and you will then be able to download Word press and have a website up and running In no time at all. The great thing about word press is that you can download a ready-made template sc you don’t have to know anything about web design yourself. Some templates are free, whereas some you have to pay for. Choose the best one you can find, upload it, and you are ready to go.

Make sure that your website has a home page, an about page, service pages describing your specialist areas, and a contact page so that people can get in touch. Take your time over your content and make sure It really sells you and your services because this Is going to be the first thing that clients see before they decide to hire you.

Launch a Blog

As soon as your website Is up and running, launch a biog to go alongside it. This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it shows your personality to clients People like to feel like they know and trust someone before they hire them, and your blog can help to achieve this, especially if you use your blog posts to provide tips and advice. Secondly, your biog posts can act as samples of your writing, providing an easy way for potential clients to decide whether your style fits their content needs Finally, a biog is a great way to add new keyword-rich content to your website on a regular basis, which can help you to improve your position in the search engine results pages.

Produce Some Samples

Even if you produce some blog posts, it is always a good idea to have some ready-made writing samples to show clients to enable them to see the standard of your writing. It Is worth spending some time on these, so think of some really interesting topics on the areas that you want to sped allze In, and then write up some high-quality samples that you can use to showoff your services for months and years to come.

Sign Up to PayPal

To keep your payment options open and ensure you win as many projects as possible, make sure that you open a PayPal account. PayPal is the most popular online payment method available. It allows you to send a money request or invoices directly to your clients, who do not even need their own accounts in order to pay you as they can simply enter their credit card details to make a payment The beauty of PayPal is that it also allows you to work with people in other countries with much greater ease. Content writing is a job where you could potentially find yourself writing for clients all over the world, but this is only possible when you have a suitable payment solution In place.

Write a Free Report

Before you start to contact clients, create your own free report to be handed out as a free download or as an email attachment. This should be on something related to web content, such as a guide to the importance of original content for websites or a quick guide on how companies can improve their SEO.

The simple fad is that SEO and online marketing are still very new concepts for a lot of companies, so if you can explain some of the important issues to them in a helpful report at the same time as selling your services, they may be more likely to hire you to write their content for them.

Start Contacting Clients

Once you have everything in place, it is time to start contacting clients. You could contact clients by email, or you may want to call them on the phone and pitch your services to them directly. Alternatively, you may want to reach out to them via social networks or market your services by writing guest posts for popular blogs in your client's industries.

It may take a while before you start finding clients, so to speed things up you could always visit freelance bidding sites or reply to advertisements for content writing jobs while you are busy contacting clients directly. Keep on marketing your services, and you will soon find that the work starts to come in and you will be one step closer to becoming a full-time freelance content writer.

Become a Freelance Web Content Writer

That is all there is to it if you want to become a full-time freelance content writer. There are few other jobs that can provide you with the same level of freedom that content writing can, and as long as you have access to a computer and the Internet you can work from wherever you want to. Start preparing the above steps and you could find yourself working as a freelance writer in as little as a few weeks from now.