.. Domain names are very important in establishing a distinct professional presence in the online environment; that is why many businesses consider domain registration as part of their investment. Nevertheless, there are actually ways on how to get completely free domain names. Through these methods, starting up businesses can be spared from the adding up costs of the usual domain registration. Those who are interested to apply for such can do so by simply checking out multiple sites that claim for free domain registrations. However, choosing among them is not that easy. People should be careful about the frauds and false claims of some sites; thus, they should first check for specific terms and conditions. Reading up if there are potential hidden charges involved and watching out for future fees can be the wisest decisions. After making sure that there are no pitfalls, then domain registration applicants can proceed to following the indicated instructions of their chosen site providers.

The domain registration process does not end after the listing process per se. Of course, the application will be assessed and processed first before becoming an official domain name that would be distinctly owned for a certain period of time. Thankfully, checking for a website’s status can be done effortlessly. An applicant can just visit certain websites that provide platforms for domain checking. There, the end-user will be asked about the type of website name they have applied for, as well as the actual name they had registered. They should be careful about the spelling of the name, especially the domain ending like .edu, .mil, .com, or .net. That is because those domain endings have a crucial role in the registration process. Names which are registered as .edu of for education cannot serve its purpose well when accidentally listed as .net or .com. After knowing the current status, they can proceed to taking note of the domain name’s creation and expiration dates, as well as other important details.

Domain Registration & DNR restrictions

The website name or the domain registration can be made entirely trouble free by meeting actions in a specified manner. Registering a domain name requires them to be assigned in the domain name servers through a certain domain registrars. There are many domain name registrars available. Besides this there are also registrars working under the main registrars. One can easily approach any of these registrars to get the domain name registered within a short span of time once there is availability for the domain name.

Domain names have various extensions based on the requirement of a website. Government, educational and organizational institutions have varying extensions but all of these fall under the top level domains. Besides this, there are also extensions available in domain name based on country code. The IP address is assigned for a particular domain name during the domain registration and it is with this IP address that the website gets linked to the domain name server.

The continuously growing World Wide Web paved the way for the invention of more domain name variants for easier domain registration. The common ones like .net, .com, .gov, .mil, and .edu are now combined with industry-related names and country specific suffixes. Hence, .info was born for information websites and .biz was designed for the growing population of online traders or sellers.

National distinction also allowed .uk for United Kingdom, .fr for France, .ph for the Philippines, and many other more. However, it appeared that some domain name providers abused the power of the domain name variants and used their popularity to consequently boost website traffic. That is why the supplication of these names are no longer that easy since authorities and webmasters do not want the credibility of such names to be taken for granted. In a way, it is also meant to protect domain name owners from having unwarranted competitions.

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