Designing a professional website is a ubiquitous goal in modern times. Although, a "successful" professional website ought to be the goal over simply designing a traditionally professional website. The definition of success when it comes to website design considers page visits, clicks, revisits, and engagement.

Of course, the website must be visually appealing and appropriate, but it must also entice the visitor to read the information you want them to obtain. Therefore, a successful website Is one In which delivery of the needed content Is received by the visitor who has deemed the overall experience to be positive. The “candy and cough medicine” website design model accomplishes this lofty goal through well-researched methodology.

What is Candy and Cough Medicine?

Website candy, also known as click candy, is content that has a high likelihood of being clicked and read. Candy content is relevant, timely, engaging, and pervasive. It leaves the reader feeling satisfied and engaged, almost hooked. Cough medicine, however, is website content that you want your reader to absorb but it may not be the most interesting subject matter. This content is seen as necessity without a high likelihood of being satisfying. Pairing candy and cough medicine content together Is a brilliant website methodology because, after all, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. A website visitor is more likely to click cough medicine content when candy content Is readily available nearby.

Is Candy Content Professional?

Any content can be professional or unprofessional depending upon the writing. Candy content on your website will come across as professional as long as it Is relevant to the business and website, written well, edited meticulously, and abides by office-accepted rapport.

The main difference between candy content and cough medicine content is in the click ability and satisfaction of the content, not In the level of professionalism. In fact, content can be simultaneously candy and cough medicine, If it is likely to be clicked, satisfying and also delivers needed information.

Designing a Successful Professional Website

To design a successful professional website-one where content is delivered and visitors are satisfied with their experience-abide by the candy and cough medicine model. Include both types of content on your web page, In a ratio for which you feel most comfortable. Thanks for reading!

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