Start With The People They Know

Any web designer will confess that the first client they had was someone they knew. The designer will have to convince the people he/she knows that are in business to have websites so as to design the websites. If the designer does a good job with the first website the client will put the word out to some friends about the designer and before long the designer will have a number of clients. The designer will also need to continue delivering to the clients’ great websites as word-of-mouth can only work when the client is pleased with the services being offered.


Some of the skills that a web designer should possess in the market today are good marketing skills. Apart from starting up with people the designers knows the designer should also be willing to get word out to the public just in case the first step doesn’t work. It will also serve the designer well if they can market the services in the old fashioned way. This will include putting out posters, local directories and creating flyers. By doing this the designer will be able to reach out to various clients across all boards.

Listing Services On Market Places

With the ever growing digital world, a designer can easily reach masses by listing their services on the various online marketplaces. This will get the designer clients who the designer would have no chance of meeting through the first two steps. The designer is likely to get clients who are abroad and have a large chance of expanding their portfolio. The designer will go to the market place and lit the services offered as freelance web designer on sites like Freelancer, oDesk, and Flipper

Beefing Up Online Presence

What way can a designer find more clients in this ever growing digital world if not online? The answer is nowhere; the web is filled with people who are looking for services that they feel aren’t being offered well offline. When a web designer builds their online presence the chances are many more clients will look to them for their various web design situations. The designer should look to market the services they are offering on various social networking sites. This will be easy for the designer as in some digital market places there is a fee applied to every transaction. By dealing with a client one on one the designer will have full value for the services rendered and in some cases the designer won’t have to quote a higher price to cover up for the charges rendered by the marketplace.

Providing Great Content

Content marketing is becoming more common in today’s world than some few years back. This is because clients will want to read and understand the services that are being provided before committing to the business. A new designer will need to learn to create great content or know where to get the content so as to enable the client know that in case they give the designer the project the content on the site will be exceptional as well and they most likely won’t have to outsource for content somewhere else.

… For any business to thrive it needs clients, not just one time clients but clients that will stay for as long as possible. In web design the designer should master the art of driving new clients into the business every single day as the digital world is an ever changing one and the designer will have to keep up with the new methods. Any web designer that brushes aside getting clients as an important part of the business is doomed to fail no matter how well the designer designs sites.