In today’s digitally savvy world, it’s no good just writing great online content, you’ve also got to know how to market it and get it out there in front of a wider audience. The challenge is writing engaging and persuasive copy that is still optimized fully for search engines. This mixture of art and science is where SEO copy writing comes in. These days, with all the tools available to anyone with internet access, businesses and copywriters themselves have no excuse not to do at least a bit of SEO detective work. Traditional creative types might not like it, but you’ve got to change and adapt if you want to be successful. Here are some SEO copy writing tips to get results for yourself or your clients.

If you run a blog or any other sort of website requiring written content, knowing how to produce quality written content is obviously crucial. However, the ability to create good written content rarely comes naturally. Thankfully, with a little hard work, you can Improve your abilities Read on to discover four practical pointers for producing quality Internet content.

Make it unique.

There are millions of websites on the Internet, so your site’s content needs something to make It stand out. You should already have a clear vision of your site’s purpose — an idea of what niche It will fill. With this idea in mind, you can create unique, targeted content aimed specifically toward your site’s chosen audience. Your goal should be to offer something no one else can.


As with all writing, proofreading and polishing Is a necessity. Content published with no editing is likely to flow poorly, be filled with embarrassing errors, and to be badly structured. Site visitors will be disappointed and confused. They will quickly lose interest and leave your site, likely never to return. Even if you have an Important, valuable idea to communicate, mistakes will obscure your message.

Make it valuable.

Written content must always offer something valuable to readers. To help create valuable content, try asking yourself whether or not it answers any questions, solves any problems, or explain anything Important. Online, content should play a part in furthering a site’s overall purpose. For example, If you are selling a product, your written content could explain exactly why your product is so useful. Such information will help out your readers (and should also increase sales).

Write clearly and simply.

While there might be some exceptions. Internet content should generally be of a plainspoken, unadorned style. Most Internet users are In a hurry, and don’t want to have to spend any time sitting to understand confusing or overly complex writing. Unless absolutely necessary, jargon and for unfamiliar identical terms should especially be avoided. Long, unbroken paragraphs are also a bad idea. Concise, direct content will allow your readers to get the Information they need quickly.

Bad writing makes creating successful, popular internet content almost impossible. In contrast, well-written. high-quality content will engage Internet users, pulling them in and contributing significantly to site popularity. While producing quality written content Is never easy, the four recommendations seen above should help you do better.

Do Some Keyword Research

You’ve likely heard of keywords; word or phrases that a user types into the search bar when looking for information on a particular topic. You can insert these keywords into your content, which in turn (along with several other factors) can help move your site higher in search rankings relevant to that keyword. While it’s not necessary to have exhaustive knowledge of all things SEO to be a successful copywriter, it’s beneficial to at least be able to use high traffic keywords. Finding them for yourself is perfectly simple too-while you now require a Google Adwords account to use their popular Keyword Planner, there are still plenty of free keyword tools you can use for similar insights. If you don’t use any tools, you’re essentially stumbling in the dart, but by doing just a few minutes research, you might find a gap in the market which then informs your writing.

Understand What Search Engines Want

You’re not sacrificing creativity by optimizing for the web. The principle of subtly persuading the reader and selling a product or service is still an art form that you shouldn’t overlook. Maybe in the early days of SEO, spamming keywords into your copy could get results, but these days search engines are more discerning, and a more nuanced strategy is needed. HO content should still be written primarily with the user in mind, rather than just the search engine. When it comes to rankings, the main reference point is Google’s ranking algorithm. Here are some of the many factors within it:

Trust Authority of the domain back-links to your site Keyword usage as you can see, keywords are just one piece of the puzzle. Believe it or not, content writing can also help with the other points.

Setting up your website or blog on the internet is the first step in getting the message out to your product or cause, but won’t be very effective if people don’t read it well. The second, and harder step, is making it really attractive to the search engines if you apply a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to your website, it will rank higher in the search results and drive more people to your site. The hard part Is knowing what simple tricks you can apply to your site to make It stand out to the search engines, and make them rank you higher.

Knowing what the search engines use to rank your site is the most important thing. Even though it is true that the various search engines have their own special algorithms for rankings, they all share some basic rules for initial ranking and these are what you care most about. Tweaking your site to take advantage of the other more obscure ranking criteria Is not worth the time or effort. You can get great results by paying attention to a few simple concepts when you create and update your site, and get into the first few pages of any search engine.

Pick the right name

The single biggest thing you can do to improve your site’s ranking is making sure you pick a great name for the site. Having the main purpose of the site in the name of the site Is Incredibly Important So many people pick a name that sounds “cute” or interesting to them, only to find that they have to spend a ton of time and money because the name has very little to do with what they are trying to promote. For example if you we interested in selling mulch, having a name like “” will be immediately ranked high for mulch in all of the engines. If you instead pick the name of your company Ilke “” Instead, It could take you months to show up on the search engines for the sale of mulch. Now there is nothing wrong with registering both site names and pointing them to the same landing page. This gives you the added advantage of having a name your customer will recognize, and having another site that will quickly be a magnet for anyone looking for mulch.

Pick a bunch of names

As previously mentioned, a lot of folks get caught up in trying to setup a site that reflects their business name and there’s nothing wrong with that. The challenge is always that you want to give your current customers an easy way to find you on the web, but are also interested in attracting new, laser focused, customers as well. The trick here is to register a few names. Say your business is “Smith Landscaping” You could easily find an open domain name that reflects your business and carries your brand onto the web. Now let’s my that you register “” and start to set up your site. This will be an easy way for your current customers to find you and a great way to expand your sales to them.

As you create the site, you might have sections that deal with lawns, flowers, trees, and mulch. Anyone hitting your site through the domain you have created will hit your main landing page and make their choice from there. But let’s say that you have a really good source for mulch and want to sell as much as you can on the web. The answer to this Is to setup an additional domain that has the word mulch in the URL like “”. This immediately gives you a great ranking in the search results for people looking for mulch, and still allows you to direct those visitors to either your main landing page for Smith landscaping, or even better, the specific mulch page to make their purchase. This allows you to sell to those new customers while still servicing your existing customers. Additionally, this gives you an organic link from another website. This link will help raise your ranking for both sites even further.