… Web sites are becoming more and more important in today’s world as most companies are using the internet to advertise the services they offer. This has prompted the market to fill with more web designers than ever before.

Every designer that starts up are usually visionaries and filled with creativity but at some point the designer comes across a client who turns the designer into a cynic. This is when the designer has to learn that some clients are certain of what they want and at some time may not even understand the idea fully. There are some misconceptions that clients need to know about web design.

Clients Think They Own The Designer

There are bound to be some clients who think they own the web designer after entering a contract with the web designer. The client will want to call the designer virtually every minute of the day, email every chance they get and when the designer doesn’t reply, for any given reason the client will get mad. This case will happen when the designer fails to tell the client the whole schedule and therefore allowing the client a chance to stress them.

The Site to Viral Instantly

The designer should know that to some degree the optimization of the site is up to the designer. This is because the designer is the one who has to ensure that the site loads quickly and hence have a high rating on search engines. The designer should accept that there are some clients who will expect the website to go viral from its inception. The designer should never assure the client of visitors flooding to the site as soon as it is done as that is the hardest part of any website unless the designer acquires some black-hat tricks to get visitors to the site.

The Client Knows What People Want

Any client that thinks they have a clear idea of what people want on the net is a sign of trouble to the web designer. The designer is the one who in most cases knows what most people want on the website because the designer is the one who is the business and has a bigger chance of knowing the trends and the new designs.

The designer should make it clear to the client to trust their judgment as the designer knows what to do. The client should look to respect the designer and the ideas of the designer fully after entering into a contract with them and not try and teach the designer the web design trade.

Space Is Bad And Should be Filled

Everything needs to have some space and websites are not different. The empty space on the site doesn’t mean the website was rushed or not done well. It takes a good web designer to design a website and complement the white spaces on the site with the entire website.

A web site can’t be filled with too much information as will make the site look unorganized. The client who wants the designer to fill those spaces should be a warning to the designer. The designer should be able to explain the reasons behind the spaces carefully and make sure the client understands that a filled site looks cluttered.

Mobile App And A Mobile Responsive Site Are The Same

With so many people visiting the net using mobile phone devices nowadays, it is only natural that most clients will want to maximize this avenue fully. However, the client should understand that there is a big difference between a mobile phone app and a mobile website. The mobile website is responsive to the phone browsers and the resolutions of the mobile device screens.

The app is however an installed applications gotten from marketplaces. The apps serve specific purposes and are compact minus header, footer, sign up forms and etc that appear on the site. The web designer that is contracted may not even know how to build a mobile app but is likely to know how to build a mobile responsive site.

….The designer needs to learn when to be blunt to the client and when to just drop hints in between conversations with the client. The designer should also know that the client may not necessarily understand what is being put across to them and the designer has to watch out not to insult the client who may be asking a lot of questions. The most important things of the whole project should be kept in black and white to avoid clients bringing up issues that weren’t agreed upon on the initial stage of the project.