Mobile Support

In today’s digital world, people don’t need to use the computers only to have access to the web. In fact, more people are nowadays using phones and tablets to access the web. The mobile phones and tablets come in different sizes and as such, the designer should be able to design a website that is responsive across all the devices that are in the market. A good web designer will have to learn to create a site that is responsive in all devices so as to be able to compete in the market today.

Write for People, but also Google

SEO is one of the most important aspects of any given website. Any web designer that is looking to make a name in the market in today’s world should learn some little bit of SEO skills. This will help the designer be able to advice the client well on what to expect when they are looking for an SEO to get the site ranked well in the search engines.

Customer Service Skills

In every service provision trade, the professional should have some basic customer service skills. In web design it is just as important as in any other trade, this will help the designer keep clients and be able to attract other clients to the business easily.

Management Of Projects

Project management is crucial job skill that anyone looking to be in the web design business should possess. This will ensure that the project does succeed in the long run without much difficulties and the designer what is expected to be done at any given time in the duration of the project.

Learn code

Any serious web developer should make sure to be comfortable with JavaScript before learning any more skills in web design. The developer should be able to know how Java Script works with HTML and CSS so as to create the three layers of web design. Designers who are doing front-end development should also be able to use JavaScript, but for web developers it is a paramount skill that the developer should possess.

Sense Of Design

What really should a designer be doing in the market if they don’t have design skills? Every web designer should be able to design something or at least be able to sketch a design by hand before entering the web design market. Sense of design is when a designer is able to blend in colors as well as fonts and still make the website attractive to anyone who visits the site. The deigner should be able to use images placed on the site well and organized as well as know the best typography practices and layout principles.

… Skills are what define professionals to the numerous pretenders that are in the market today. The market is over flooding with web designers and web developers and the only way one can succeed in the competing field is to learn the skills that will make them stand out in the market from the competitors.