Here’s some serious numbers why brand-able domain names are important:

1/.. In 2013, “Housing.co.in” bought the domain name “Housing.com” and a national number, 03–333–333–333, for a whopping 7 crores INR.
2/.. PetSmart made biggest e-commerce acquisition, putting a deal in place to snatch up fast-growing pet food “Chewy.com” for $3.35 billion.
3/.. Z.com sold for around $6.8 million three years ago.
4/.. In 2004, beer.com was sold for $7 million. One year later, sex.com was sold for double that amount.
5/.. In 2009, Insure.com set a new record for the highest price ever paid for a domain name: $16 million.
6/.. Elon Musk buys X.com in July 2017.

As more people become aware of the market value of a domain name, insure.com may not be the title-holder for long. The rapidly growing amount of revenue generated through e-commerce adds fuel t this race to acquire a domain name that ranks high with search engines.

A domain name is a combination of letters used In place of an IP, Internet Protocol, which is a combination of numbers. It is easier to remember myname.com than, say, 201.436.129.864. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the sole organization governing the use of domain names. A domain name must be registered through a domain registrar which is authorized by ICANN.

Domain names are made up of two parts the name followed b the extension after the dot. The extensions must be those approved by ICANN. Common extensions are can, net, org, biz and info. There are also extensions which are related to particular countries. For example, us, uk, eu and an. The name which comes before the dot is basically a free-for-all, provided that no one has already registered it.

The key, in this game, is the registration. Once a domain name is registered, it remains the exclusive property of the registered owner for as long as he pays the registration fee. The annual registration fee can range from $10 for the common extensions, like com and net, to $100 for some national-level extensions like th and my. The market value of a domain name, however, is totally unrelated to the cost of registration.

The domain names put up for sale on some active domain name marketplaces, like KEYSOME, Afternic and Sedo, show bids ranging from $1 to $100,000. Domain names with exceptional market value are auctioned off in special offerings. Just as anyone can register a domain name, anyone, too, can bid for and buy a domain name. The basic requirements are legal age and legal tender.

So how do you start to make money online trading domain names? You can approach this from two ways. One, register a domain name which you think has got potential market value. Whether or not you will make a profit depends on your assessment of the market and the changing situation In the market. The other way is to buy a domain name that Is put up for sale, with the intention of reselling it later for a profit. Your success depends on the same factors as in the first approach.

How much capital do you need to make money online trading domain names? You can start with as little as one dollar. There are domain registrars who offer discounts now and then. If you have more money to speculate with, you can register or buy more domain names. Some people register the dot net version of a dot com in the hope that the owner of the dot com will make an offer. Others make the mistake of registering a name that Is copyrighted, and get sued. You should follow the simple rule of thumb. when in doubt, don’t.

After registering or buying a domain name, you can add market value to it by making a website to create market awareness and recognition. Fill your website with content relevant to the domain name so that search engines will find It. Search engine ranking plays a part in adding value to the domain name. When you feel that your domain name Is ready for sale, offer It on a domain name auction site. If you had bought the domain name for just for selling it for even as little as $20 is a profit of toot on your investment.

So when is the best time to make money online trading domain names? A domain name which is unknown now can be worth millions it time to come. There is no better time to start than right now!

Avoid Buying a Domain With Faked PageRank

Flipping sites is a good way to make money online, but part of buying a domain to flip includes research into the domain. A glitch in the Google PageRank (PR) system allows website owners to trick the PR tool.

The trick also fools PR checking sites online, which are also used to view the PR of a website Don’t be fooled by fake PR when you purchase a site Follow these procedures to check for fake PR for any website Check the URL with the Google “Info” Operator Type “Info:domain” Into Google where “domain” is the URL for the site you want to research.

Verify that the URL shown in green Is the same as the URL you plan to purchase. If the link you click is different than the URL shown in green, the domain owner forwarded his URL to a high-ranking PR site to fake his PR. This is the easiest and quickest way to determine a fake PR site.

Google PR is entirely calculated using back-link. Bad links are counted as votes for a site, and each back-link accumulates more points for the target site. The Google link” operator displays a sample of all the links for a site. Typically, a site with fake PR has no links displayed when using the Google “link” operator.

However, you can also use tools such as Majestic SEO or SEOmoz Site Explorer to find all links for a site. Using these tools, you can gather the number of links for a site. Sites with fake PR have only a handful of links and none of them are from high quality sites.

Check the Site Archives and Google Cache

A domain with a high PR must have a history, so check the site history with archive.org, Archive.org displays the site during specific points in time A domain with a high PR must have several years of history, so you can verify that the domain existed and had good content.

The effect after purchasing a domain with faked PR is that Google drops the PR after several weeks. Site owners fooled into buying these domains pay a high price, and they lose their investment once the site’s PR is dropped. Before purchasing any domain that lists a high PR, do some research to verify the PR. Sites with high PR cost several thousands of dollars more, so It is `buyer beware” when purchasing these domains.

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