… I just finished my portal about how to increase a sales of a product, management and everything related to my subject. I had initially used my expertise in web programming as the program of choice in building my portal. Now that I have my portal finished and polished the next step I need to make is domain registration. This is the most critical step in the whole building portal process because I need to be keen and careful in choosing my domain name. I wanted to make sure that my domain name is the exact representation of my portal which is about sales and logistics, so that there would be a lot of traffic and viewers on my site. I don’t want to mess this step so I chose a domain name and did register my dot-com, this domain name would help viewers find what they are looking for when it comes to the subject I chose to story tell. So now that I have my portal and domain name, I can now upload my portal into the Internet.

One of the final steps in website development is domain registration and hosting. Domain registration and domain hosting is the element that would make your website visible in the web. There are a lot of domain registration websites that are in the internet today. They offer cheap domains for less than $10 of payment for the whole year that would keep your website up and running. Years ago, domain registration is very costly and expensive that would cost a single website with limited space up to $50 per month. That is why most websites in the past have limited number of pages and limited media files such as pictures, videos and music just to save the bandwidth allocation. But today, domain registration and hosting is very affordable to almost all websites that offer this kind of online service. This way, everyone can upload their website in the internet and share what they have in store.