…. Domains are very useful for school projects that require website development. When I was in high school, our computer lessons were about the internet and how to use its interface. We were taught how to build websites with the use of coding and designing in RIA, and we used every tool we could lay our hands-on. We were given a school project before the class ended. We were tasked to make our own website about ourselves. So we created our own concept about the website we wanted to make that would best represent ourselves. What I did was, I made a website about myself in a chronological manner where I liken myself as caterpillar when I was a kid where I had my childhood pictures and everything that happen during the time. And made myself a cocoon in my adolescence because I was quite silent and reserved when I was in my elementary years. Then lastly, I made a butterfly page in my website that represents my high school life.

Domain Name Must Represent the Website.

Building websites includes offline and online operations. The offline aspect of building a website is the technical part where you design and code your website. The online part is where you upload your website in the World Wide Web through domain registration. Domain registration is the process wherein you register your website to a particular domain. Your domain name is very important because that gives your website the identity that viewers would see. So if your domain name does not represent your website, then your viewers will not get the information they need. But if you would create a perfect domain name that would specifically describe your website, then you will get a lot of traffic and a lot of viewers. For example, if your domain name is based in a city like Chennai/Madras then the domain name must represent what is in the actual website like realty, and property in madras, builders, and material suppliers in Chennai and the like. Ps. We built MADRASREALTY.COM