It is easy to establish websites through cheap domains available which is pretty much inexpensive in carrying out the process of domain name registration. There are many extensions available for registering a domain name. The top level domain extensions can be provided for a website if the domain name is available. Otherwise second or lower level domain extensions must be used to create a domain name. Once the domain name reaches the lower level extensions, the price or the fee also decreases. This way the domain name can be purchased from domain name registrars at a moderate fee.

There are classifications based on the rankings of domain name registrars. The lower ranked registrars can also be approached to get the domain name registered at a cheap rate. The lower level registrar works with the higher level registrar to carry out the function of domain name registration. This way there is not much difference in the quality but the time consumed for registration would be high. The idea of cheap domains can be a boon to small firms and industries which would like to make a presence in this world of internet marketing.