Never Take Feedback Personally

It is imperative for any expert to have thick skin in their field of expertise, more so in web design this is as regard to the number of people that web designers deal with. Most client, if not all will have an opinion. The designer needs to realize that the services they offer are poorly designed sites, it is just that the client has a right to an opinion. When a client criticizes the work they should be open to adapting new ideas, as change is an important aspect of life in business. The feedback may also enhance the end product if the designer takes it positively.

Someone Out There Is Better

One of the realest things that a designer can accept is that someone out there is better than at design. There will always be people who excel in the different parts of the field. They include branding, illustration, photography, pairing, typography etc. The designer may be the best at one part, but someone else is better in another. The designer should never let such thoughts put them down, instead focus on the part the company is really good at.

Clarification Is Paramount

Any designer who is a professional should always clarify the needs and the requests of the clients after any meeting. This will help the client understand the next steps of the business and if the company is going to outsource for the next step the client has a clear idea of everything every step of the process. The client also wants to get the breakdown of the budget, so it is always a courtesy call if the designer does that. For any business and not just web design, transparency is an important part of maintaining a healthy business relationship.

Experience Is #2

A client can employ the services of a newbie in web design, and the newbie shouldn’t let the client down. Blow the client away with the new ideas that are not in the market already. The designer should never feel intimidated by the veterans in the business. The designers main focus should be to please the client at all costs.

Less Is More

The designer should never try and impress the client with more talk. All successful designers should look to communicate more using colors, content hierarchy as well as imagery. The client will appreciate the work more than the words.


The designer will always need to collaborate with others members of the team if they are to please the client. When pitching, the designer will have to have shown the developer the design before they present it to the client as this will allow everything that will be happening in the meeting be practical.

Appreciate The Work

The designer should always be striving to present work that if it was presented to them they would appreciate. This will help the designer know that everything possible was done without holding back and the design is of the best quality and even the client can be proud of. If the designer is unsure of what to do in the next step, asking and getting ideas from others is the best way to approach such a situation.

… Lessons are learned each and every day in the web design industry. But only the best of the best will accept where they are wrong, and choose to change strategy. That is what separates the best in the business from others, the quickness to learn and also the reactions to what is learned and above all, the clients should be kept happy after the transaction. Keep reading.