One fundamental mistake many entrepreneurs make in their first three years is to neglect their wealth by not properly allowing it to grow. Once a startup begins to generate a regular income, many fall into the trap of thinking that as long as this income is enough to support their lifestyle their work is done. Others choose to invest some profit back into their business which, while a wise choice, is not the only option.

Successful entrepreneurs build wealth by investing in assets which will diversify their portfolios and generate regular income while appreciating in value. An asset is simply a word for something that can be bought for an advantage, however many make the mistake of investing in depreciating assets rather than ones that will appreciate.

Assets can appreciate or depreciate, flu; or stay neutral in value: those that will depreciate typically include technology such as smart phones and computers which, while providing value for the company in the short term, can not be then sold on for their original price or more. Thus the price of deprecating assets must be compared to the amount of value, or profit, they will directly give the company.

Assets which fluxtypically have a specialised market, such as gold, silver, and other commodities, antiques and collectibles. As the demand for these assets change, investing in them entails a certain level of risk, and is best left to those who can afford to lose money if the worst happens. it is also recommended that you purchase flux assets in an area where you have some expertise or interest in order to evaluate price.

Assets that appreciate in value are the ones that will provide the most return over time. Typically these do not offer a large ‘windfall’, but rather generate modest income on a regular basis. Therefore, they make an ideal foundation for a diverse portfolio.

The most talked-about appreciable asset is real estate. The real estate market, while volatile at times has proven over time it is one of the most reliable sources of Investment. Houses and land rarely deprecate in value, and even if so, the effects can usually be mediated. With the rise in popularity of rented properties, many private landlords are reaping the benefit of a large initial investment which often sees properties paid off within 10–15 years. Naturally, maintenance needs to be ongoing. but the costs are usually minimal when compared to the profit which is turned in usually monthly.

Other entrepreneurs successfully flip for a profit, a venture which has seen huge popularity worldwide. A property is purchased which is in a dated, run-down or dilapidated condition, and significant money is invested in renovation. The asset is then sold on at higher value, or rented out.

The same philosophy has been successfully applied to online assets. Sites such as KEYSOME make it easy to purchase up-and-running websites with existing turnover, which can then be further optimized and sold on for profit or kept as a source of regular income. Many entrepreneurs keep a portfolio of websites alone, collectively earning significant revenue each month.

Ideal websites are those with no physical products to sell and ship, although these are readily available and can provide a lucrative income to those willing to invest time as well as money. For entrepreneurs seeking a more passive income, websites within a profitable niche can turn a profit solely from advertising revenue, or, if the entrepreneur has an interest in the website’s niche, creating valuable and current content with an up-to-date blog, social media integration and an eBook on the subject can tum a website Into a profitable venture.

The stock market, while mysterious and risky to many, Is a long-standing solution to the need for passive income. Even a small investment has the potential to offer big returns, although naturally a certain amount of risk is involved.

This risk can be lessened with a different strategy: buying stocks for their dividends, rather than their value. Choosing companies with dividends means you get a small, but recurring return on investment either monthly or quarterly, regardless of the stock’s current price. If the stock happens to skyrocket you are free to sell, but if it is held on to money still appreciates. The percentage ranges widely from company to company, so it is wise to do your research, but there are some attractive returns to be found. It is highly advisable if you are not already familiar With trading on the stock market to consult an expert and invest your money wisely.

An excellent, if little-known, asset to purchase can be artwork. Traditional artwork has always been purchased with a view to profit later on, but the market Is highly unpredictable and the price of art Is always In flux If you already own a unique piece of art, or purchase full rights to graphic artwork from an online designer, you may be able to monetize it.

Online print-on-demand services make it possible to sell mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and other merchandise without the nuisance of holding vast amount of stock, and offer the possibility to create revenue without time spent other than initial set-up and promotion. This method can also be applied to witting: once published, an authoritative and useful books to continue to generate revenue long after the writing process is finished.

The most traditional way of appreciating income is to invest money into a savings account. While these may not offer the profit as some of the other methods outlined here, they should not be neglected, as they offer a truly passive Income with little risk. To make the most of a savings account, build up a large lump sum of wealth and Invest it In several accounts, taking advantage of different savings rates.

By relying on multiple income streams, entrepreneurs ensure they never have to rely on one source of income that may be cut off at any point. Although these investments are available to the general public, they suit an entrepreneur as the experience that results from investing in different markets can be built upon to add value to further ventures. Remember, it is always wise to contact a finance professional before investing a significant amount of money.

Turnkey Niche Marketing Websites

Getting started in the world of Internet marketing can be a daunting and frustrating task. The sheer number of options, systems, programs, and schemes that new online marketers are inundated with can be totally overwhelming. Many new marketers fail to get started making money online for the simple reason that they get paralyzed by an inability to decide on a direction.

The best decision a new online marketer can make is picking a path and sticking to it, and one of the best paths to begin making money online is to provide services to other marketers. This article examines one of the services that new online marketers can provide to other marketers to start making money today -turnkey niche websites What is a turnkey niche website?

Turnkey niche websites are ready-made website solutions designed to give affiliate marketers ready to install web properties, complete with content management systems, ad integration, and pre-loaded content. Putting together such a product might sound like a difficult task for a new marketer, but it really isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds.

The main problem is creating these sites can be time-consuming, which is exactly why established marketers are willing to buy them rather than investing that time themselves. Start-up costs for a new marketer looking to dive into providing these niche websites are very low, the technology necessary is widely available and easy to learn, and there are numerous market places in which to sell them.

How can a brand new marketer get started?

The easiest way to get started creating turnkey niche websites is learning WordPress WordPress is a powerful, widespread blogging and content management platform It’s incredibly user-friendly, and there are counties resources online for learning how to install, set-up, and customize it.

WordPress makes an ideal platform for niche websites not only because of its ease of use, but also because there are a huge number of easy to install and well-optimized themes and plug-ins that can be added and customized to create unique looking, well-designed websites with minimal time and effort required. Customizing themes is a skill that can be learned relatively easily, or can be outsourced to low-cost, but high-quality designers on sites like KEYSOME.

Where does the content come from?

The website itself is a valuable piece of the puzzle, but It isn’t enough on Its own. The sales package needs to include pre-loaded content, and It’s often a good Idea to provide some additional content to be loaded at a later time. This content can be comprised of blog posts of differing lengths, feature-length articles, eBooks, and more. The cheapest way to source this content is for the package creator to write it themselves. This can be time-consuming and requires a strong ability to write, but It adds zero cost to the creation of the site. Alternately, content wilting services can be purchased online for Incredibly low prices, meaning content of acceptable quality can be sourced while still keeping the project profitable.

Where does the marketer sell these websites and how do they ensure the best return?

There are a number of marketplaces that cater to the sale of websites, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Sites like KEYSOME, Empire Flippers, Digital Point, and the Warrior Forum all have strong markets for website sales Warrior Forum has a particularly good marketplace for this kind of niche website sale, because it is targeted specifically to other online marketers The best way to maximize return on turnkey niche website packages is to sell them in private label rights- or PLR- format, meaning that they can be sold to and used by more than one person. By selling a limited number of packages- 20 or 25, for instance — cost to the end buyer can be kept low while still generating a solid return to the seller once all packages are sold.

Why don’t new marketers just use these websites and the associated content themselves?

if these website packages are effective, why wouldn’t the marketer selling them simply keep them and use them for their own purposes? That is another totally valid method to making money online, albeit requiring a totally different skill set. The key is that choosing to run the websites themselves requires new marketers to learn traffic generation, affiliate marketing techniques, ad management, and a number of other skills. Time is also a big factor, as these types of niche websites take time to ramp up. By choosing instead to sell the niche website packages to others, new online marketers can begin generating revenue immediately, while simultaneously learning new skills and building confidence.

Getting started making money online can be difficult. The number of potential paths a new marketer can take, the number of new skills they can focus on learning, and the number of potential traps they can fall into make navigating the world of online marketing a daunting task. One of the best ways new marketers can get started generating revenue and getting their feet wet Is to provide services to other marketers niche authority website creation is one such service, and using tools like WordPress, and sites like KEYSOME for content as a sales arena, new marketers can go from zero to earning real money in a relatively short time frame, and with a relatively shallow learning curve. The result Is money in their pockets, successful projects In their portfolios, and the confidence needed to grow as marketers- all things that many fall to achieve even after years in the game.