If given a choice – high traffic+low conversions Vs low traffic+high conversion. What would you choose? Now, factor in Organic SEO Vs Paid Ads. Now factor in Time Vs Cost. Again, factor in ‘keyword’ competition Vs conversions.

How do you know that your digital marketing strategy works? Usually, if sales are robust, you know that you're doing something right. It's important, however, to recognize when things don't run smoothly and take action before they affect revenue. Here are few important signs that you need to look for when you check your digital marketing strategy for effectiveness.  

Many visitors, but not enough customers

If your website attracts many visitors, but no one sticks around to convert, It's a sign that your marketing approach Is attracting the wrong kind of people. What you need to do, then, is to try conversion rate optimization to improve conversion. Analyze your customers' behavior once they get on your website. How much information do they look for, how long do they stay, and at what point do they decide to leave? There's a lot that you can learn from the way your visitors behave.

You don't rank well on Google anymore

If you have been tracking how your website has been doing, you may notice at some point that your website no longer performs well on Google. While such a drop in rankings could occur for many reasons, you need to rule out all the obvious causes. You need to make sure that all the links on your website won't well, and your pages are internally linked to one another. If you also want to use one of the various tools available online to see how each page on your website ranks for the specific keyword that you are working with. When it's clear where you going wrong, you'll be better equipped to fix the problem.

Writing optimized for search is an intensely time consuming process. Finding the right mix of keywords that provide a balance in search traffic, competition, & CPC costs included.

Private Blogging

When researching search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, you may come across private blog networks (PBN). Defined as a network of multiple blogs or websites linking to a single website, webmasters have been using them for over a decade to achieve higher search rankings While popular, though, PBNs aren't always effective for SW purposes in fact, using them could spell turmoil for your website's visibility on Google and Bing.

What is PBN?

A PBN Is a collection — uarally about to to too — of privately owned or operated websites that contain backlinks pointing to a single high-priority, commercially focused website known as a money website. The PBN websites pass link juice to the money website, manipulating search engines into thinking the money website is more popular than it really is when search engines crawl the PBN websites, they'll discover backlinks pointing to the money website, which could compel them to increase its rankings. Using a PBN may sound like an effective to pass link juice to your money website, thereby improving your site's search rankings.

If you manage your network of blogs or websites you'll have full control over the backlinks published on them. Most webmasters use expired domains to btild their PBN because they are more authoritative than new domains if a domain recently expired, it may already have backlinks pointing to It, in which case it will pass some of that link juice to the webmaster's money website when used in a PBN.

While not as popular as their PBN counterparts, there are also public blog networks. A public blog network is the same as a PBN except It's operated by multiple people. Public blog networks are less effective for SEO than PBNs since they contain more outbound links to a variety of money websites Additionally, the transparent nature of public blog networks means search engines can Identify them more easily.

Is your website fast?

“Every page matters.” Mobile scores deem to be optimized as well, which usually takes 10x the efforts.

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