In today’s digitally savvy world, it’s no good just writing great online content, you’ve also got to know how to market it and get it out there in front of a wider audience. The challenge is writing engaging and persuasive copy that is still optimized fully for search engines. This mixture of all this is where SEO copy writing comes in. These days, with all the tools available to anyone with Internet access, businesses and copywriters themselves have no excuse not to do at least a bit of SEC) detective work. Traditional creative types might not like it, but you’ve got to change and adapt if you want to be successful. Here are few SEO copy writing tips to get results for yourself or your clients.

Do Some Keyword Research

You’ve likely heard of keywords word or phrases that a user types into the search bar when looking for information on a particular topic. You can insert these keywords into your content, which in turn (along with several other factors) can help move your site higher In search rankings relevant to that keyword. While tt’s not necessary to have exhaustive knowledge of all things SEO to be a successful copywriter, It’s beneficial to at least be able to use high traffic keywords. Finding then for yourself Is perfectly simple too-while you now require a Google Adwords account to use their popular Keyword Planner, there are still plenty of free keyword tools you can use for similar insights. If you don’t use anytools, you’re essentially stumbling In the dark, but by doing just a few minutes research, you night find a gap In the market which then Informs your writing.

Understand What Search Engines Want

You’re not sacrificing creativity by optimizing for the web. The principle of subtly persuading the reader and selling a product or service is still an art form that you shouldn’t overlook. Maybe In the early days of SEO, spamming keywords Into your copy could get results, but these days search engines are more discerning, and a more nuanced strategy is needed. SW content should still be written primarily with the user in mind, rather than just the search engne. When it comes to rankings. the main reference point is Google’s ranking algorithm. Here are some of the many factors within it:
— Trust/Authority of the domain — Backlinks to your site
— Keyword usage. As you an see, keywords are Just one piece of the puzzle.

Believe it or not, SEO content writing can also help with the other two points.

The Internet is dubbed the “Information Highway” for good reason. Content is what matters most. Your site may show hundreds of products, but what really matters is the information about those products that convinces the client to buy. Many newbies make the mistake of creating a site with little to no content. Yet content is what all search engines look for while ranking sites You can’t be all things to all people, so your site should be uncluttered and focused on those products you know.

Articles Project Your Expertise

People arrive on your site to solve a problem or are looking for something to fill a need. They assume that you know all about the products you are marketing on your site. A well written article provides then with information they can use and helps establish credibility. As you are unlikely to meet your customer, the words on your site are all you have to establish trust with the client.

Articles Are a Viral Tool

Simply put your article can spread across the web. Many people and publishers are looking for quality articles for their blogs, web content and newsletters By allowing them to post your material with your resource box Intact, you can generate more visitors. Many a webmaster will give away publishing rights and allow others to claim authorship for the article or even change the content to meet their specific needs. Called Private Label Rights, or PLR, it’s another method to get your site known to more people.

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