The process of domain registration for any website is made very simple by certain domain name registrars. These registrars are an entity which secures its position by creating domain name for a particular website after seeking its availability and by placing address in the domain name server once they receive the complete details of its owners.

All particular details and contact information must be provided by the owners to create a domain name. Further communication between the website owners and the registrar is maintained through the personal contact numbers given. The fee collected by the registrars from the website owners depend upon the services provided by the registrars.

Numerous discounts are provided by these firms to get hold of website owners and the security level provided is very high that none of the contents can be edited, added and deleted without the consent of website owners. This way the function of domain registration is safe in the hands of registrars.

Just like personal given names, the domain names granted to websites after domain registration are distinct and almost irreplaceable. Moreover, both types of names can be best distinguished when already associated with a certain picture. That is why names of celebrities become popular because they are associated to beautiful faces that are always seen on TV and glossy magazines.

Domain names, on the other hand, also have a way of getting noticed. For instance, there are those which accentuate their domain names with allowed special characters like dash and multiple dashes. There are also those which employ top level domains like .us, .au, and .me. Finally, there are those that go for premium domain names or those which are particularly short to be easily remembered by the audience. These often include five characters or less like Nonetheless, there are domain name applicants that opt to combine the different faces of domain names to attain better and easier recognition.

Managing Domain Name Types

.. One important thing that people should learn about domain name registration include the different types of domain names. The distinction among the variants lies at the end of each name in common forms like .org, .com, .net, .edu, and .mil, amongst others. However, with the continuous growth of the Internet, and the consequent growth of World Wide Web participants, it seems that new domain name variants are needed.

Hence, modern and more specific types like .biz for businesses and .info for information websites emerged in the online community. To further establish distinction, country-specific domain names like .uk for United Kingdom, .fr for France, .ph for the Philippines, and others also began to be used. With these, more unique identities online became achievable. However, because some domain registration providers are abusing the various types of domain names, strict protocol on the use of country-specific and industry-related domain names have been established.