The main feature of domain registration is that they are highly secured in its operation. The domain name registrars carry out all the functions like domain name creation, web designing, website hosting. Once the hosting is finished, the website is secured to the website owners and further modification is carried out by the website owners through a constant link present via virtual private networking. This link requires a password for carrying out modification and for uploading it in the domain name server.

This password is not revealed to the registrars and they possess no access to any of the website contents.File transfer protocol is another method by which files can be uploaded to the remote server and the contents can be modified. By domain registration, a permanent space is allotted in the domain name server or remote server which basically has a public IP address.

All private IP address parties can view information present in the website assigned through a remote server and this information can never be changed.One can ensure easy domain registration through domain name registrars which is basically an organization working solely for the purpose of assigning domain names for the public as well as for other institutions who want their websites to be registered.

The availability of a particular domain name for a website is checked by the registrars before registering. Once they are available, these registrars map the IP address and the domain name together and a certain space is allocated for the website in the Domain name server. Once the website is registered in the domain name server, it is through this IP address that the website gets visible on the computer screens

There are many registrars who are serving the public by looking for domain registration. These registrars charge only a fair amount of money and the fee also varies based on certain requirements such as the space allocated for a particular website. There are may registrars present and thus the function of registering a domain name for a website is made simple and uncomplicated.

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It is indeed a hectic task to choose cheap domains from the internet server which is not used by anyone at all. Care and thought must be given in choosing the right domain name as the name has a large effect in the growth of a website. The domain name must be short and simple and must reach to a large number of people. The domain names which can be easily memorized must be given top priority. Using either country code or top level registry code can increase large number of traffic into the website.

Domain name registrar provides large number of services besides the domain name registration which is carried out at a cheap and controlled rate. It is always best to choose the services altogether and for a long period of time to make use of the discounts provided by the registrars in the making of a website. Cheap domains available must be accepted to increase the level of advertising as it is very much beneficial in the long run.

As the name implies the domain registration of a website is the very initial step behind any successful website. The website can be launched or hosted only after the domain name is registered. So the most basic step of a website development is the website name registration. This is done through prominent registrars.

They charge certain fee for the activation and for the development of any website. This fee includes both annual charges as well as administration charges. Extensions are provided based on either country code or based on other top level domains. After checking the availability of a particular website name the domain extensions are provided.

The IP address is also assigned along with this and the domain name is mapped together with the IP address .Each website has different IP address and it is with this IP address that a domain name gets differentiated. The whole process of domain registration is carried out in an effective way to get the website registered for the public as well as for any private networks.