Never Mess With Google Adsense And Here’s The reasons why. Google is notorious for disabling Adsense accounts for no obvious reason and with no warning. Suspicious click activity usually results in an instant ban, while appeals are rarely successful. This can decimate your online earnings overnight, and you can be affected even if you follow Google’s terms of service to the letter. It happens every day. So what can you do to protect yourself against an unexpected Google ban? Your best option is to diversify your income streams. Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea, and online business is no exception.

Adsense Alternatives

There are a few services from other providers that are similar to Adsense. Two of the most popular alternatives are Chitika and Revenue Hits. Chitika lets you customize your adverts and only serves contextual ads. These two features alone can give your click-through rate (CTR) a huge boost. Chitika’s payment threshold is also extremely low, so it shouldn’t be long before you’ve got money in your account, even if you’re new to the online advert world.

Revenue Hits is a smaller player than Chitika but is nevertheless a serious contender. One of Revenue Hits’ best features is its inbuilt learning system that analyzes the performance of your ads and adjusts them accordingly. Even if you don’t see instant results with Revenue Hits, your earnings might well improve dramatically a few days later. You can also create a wide variety of different adverts, including buttons, sliders, banners, and more.

Private Advertising

If your website gets enough traffic (preferably at least 100,000 views per month), it might be worth displaying permanent adverts paid for by companies directly. If you approach businesses whose adverts already appear on your site through Adsense, you can easily show them that they’d get a better deal by skipping the middleman and coming straight to you.

By hosting private adverts on your site, you can carefully select the companies you want to work with and which products your brand is associated with. You’ll also have a guaranteed paycheck rather than be left worrying about the instability and fluctuations of other ad systems. Best of all, you can build relationships with much larger businesses, with the potential for all kinds of exciting opportunities in the future.

Amazon Associates

Unlike Adwords, affiliate marketing works by advertising products and receiving a commission on any sales made. Amazon runs the biggest affiliate marketing scheme, and its trusted household name, great reputation and virtually limitless supply of products make it a great choice.

The main downside to Amazon Associates is the low commission rates. These rates increase as you sell more, but only to a maximum of 8.5 percent, which requires you to shift more than 3,000 products every month. However, selling in large volumes is generally much easier with Amazon than with other affiliate schemes, which may help to offset the low commissions if you promote the right items.
The best part of the deal is that Amazon gives you credit for any products purchased within 24 hours of the customer-using your affiliate link. The sale doesn’t have to be for a product you recommended or even a related one, which can dramatically increase your earning potential.

Other Affiliate Programs

There is an endless stream of other affiliate programs to choose from, all offering slightly different services and different products. Most of these programs offer far higher-commission rates than you could ever dream of with Amazon. Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, and Skimlinks are some of the most popular affiliate schemes.

Clickbank has a huge catalog of products, an easy-to-navigate website, and a straightforward signup system. Many affiliate networks have high entry requirements, but Clickbank only requires a website, no matter how small it may be.
U Affiliate (also known as U, Conversant, or Commission Junction due to a number of relatively recent rebrands) is now one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there. CJ is perhaps the most technologically advanced of the big affiliate players, even out competing Amazon in terms of sophistication.

Skimlinks provides an interesting mixture of affiliate marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) adverts. This means you could use Skimlinks as a viable altemative to either Amazon Associates or Google Adsense (or both). Through Skimlinks you can select products from more than 20,00o merchants, a number which is constantly growing.

Social Media

Intelligent website owners are increasingly moving away from traditional income streams like paid ads and affiliate marketing. There’s a whole new suite of tools to earn money online that didn’t exist just a few years ago, and social media is one of the best.

Popular social media accounts can be hugely profitable if they’re run well, with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all being crucial for any modern business. Sponsored posts alone could net you thousands of dollars if you’ve put in the time to build a large and loyal following. Social media will also drive targeted traffic to your website, where you can use the other systems outlined here to turn readers into buyers.

Selling Your Own Products

If you’re a trusted industry expert with a large online following, then creating and selling your own product is a surefire route to success. Ebooks and other digital products can be produced with extremely low overheads, and once you’ve put in the initial work, the money can start to flow quickly.

Physical products require a larger investment, but will often sell for correspondingly higher prices. Anything you produce that’s original, high quality, useful and unique should convert well on your website and social media accounts. Once the product is out there, the income it generateswill be largely passive, allowing you to sit back and relax as your bank account receives regular cash injections.


The key to protecting your online income from a random Google backlash is diversification. With a variety of income streams all working together, you’ll enjoy a more stable and reliable income than if you were to use just one technique alone.
It’s possible to make a good living from Google Adsense, but you need to be aware of the alternatives in case the unthinkable happens. The sooner you diversify your online income, the sooner you’ll know that one red flag on a screen at Google isn’t going to cost you everything.

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