One of the ultimate goals for a business is the development of recurring income. Chasing individual sales can build a business, but the addition of a recurring element will help sustain it for the long term. One of the best ways to create this income, particularly for those In the digital information sphere, is to build a membership program.

As long as you can consistently provide value, customers will remain paid subscribers, allowing you to invest in marketing, sales, and product development. However, a membership site relies on a solid infrastructure, making it vital to have quality, robust software. So what are the main membership site software products you should be considering?

aMember Pro

aMember Pro is a PHP script that you host on your own server. The product is custom, with hundreds of options for integration, including the major payment processors and content management systems. Among the mar features, you can create unlimited levels of membership and subscription periods.

Easy Member Pro

Easy Member Pro is another PHP script, with quick integration of payment processors like Clickbwk, Moo, and Paypal. The software can offer unlimited levels, from a free trial to a high-end service, with the option of upsells and one-time offers. There Is also an affiliate element, so you can recruit others to promote your membership service.

Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member is a plugin that turnsyour Word Press site into a membership platform. The installation is as simple as uploading any other plugin, but the functionality allows you to create a membership service with unlimited and flexible levels, scheduled content delivery, and hidden content. Anyone with an active WordPresss. It will enjoy the simplicity of the integration, but can still benefit from advanced features.

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a platform that aims to cater to all the needs of a membership site. You can use the same tool to take payments, build a website, organize events, manage contacts, and email members. Wild Apricot focuses on dubs, societies, charities, and organizations, so it offers something different to the usual digital product tools


Memberful provides a way to Integrate a payment subscription service with your existing website, whether that Is with Word Press or another platform. You can add content to your site and block it from non-subscribers, sell digital or physical products, and remain in contact through email and your membership platform.


MemberGate Is an all-In-one solution, so you run your content management, subscription business, and affiliates from the same place. If you already have an existing website, MemberGate might not be your preferred option, but new site developers can benefit from controlling everything from the same location. You can use the popular payment processors, manageaffiliates, add discussion groups, and analyze stats, while benefiting from stringent security.


Memberium is a great way to integrate blogs with a simple plugin. There we many KEYSOME customers who are also comfortable with the WordPress platform, so the ability to easily connect the two, while meeting a specific need, is of great benefit.

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