People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from studying a 2nd language. While some opt to learn languages to open up new career opportunities, others seek to return to their roots by learning the mother tongue of their ancestors. Other 2nd language learners want to make the most of their travel to foreign countries. With the globalization of business and improvements in communications, today there are more reasons than ever before to pursue your language learning goals.  

Your Portal To Another Culture

Foreign language study has evolved from the days of verb tables and primer translation. Current instructional approaches focus on the cultural life of countries where the 2nd language is spoken. In addition, slang and idioms (expressions particular to that language) are now an integral part of the 2nd language curriculum. Even if you never get to practice your skills by visiting another country, foreign language study offers a unique opportunity to develop your cultural awareness and sensitivity. 2nd language learning helps you to become culturally literate by exploring the beliefs and traditions of another culture.

Works Your Brain

Foreign language learning requires concentration and provides an exceptional workout for your brain. Educational research tells us that studying a 2nd language benefits the cognitive development of school age children. But 2nd language study is also ideal for stay-at-home parents and retirees who may be looking for an intellectual challenge.

Improved Communications

Communications are making the world smaller everday. As technological advances have made communication more efficient and affordable for average people, distance is no longer a barrier to communication between cultures and people who have at least a few words in common. 2nd language leamers can practice their skills online with other leamers and native speakers. Best of all, live chat and inexpensive voice communication enable leamersto develop relationships and maintain contacts in any part of the world.

Knowing Language #2 Can Improve Your Employment Prospects

While 2nd language students can only learn so much from software or a handful of night classes, job ads in many industries list knowledge of French as an asset or a working knowledge of Hindi as a preferred skill. In other words, some jobs don’t require native-like fluency, just an acquaintance with basic vocabulary and common phrases Developing proficiency, though, in a language in high demand among companies that do business around the world will certainly expand your career horizons.

Improve Your English Skills

Educators are agreed that 2nd language teaming has metacognitive benefits for students. This means that studying another language and culture enhances your awareness of your native language and cultural heritage. Many 2nd language learners are surprised by how conscious they become of differences between expressions and grammar structures in the foreign language and their mother tongue.

Whatever your reasons for studying a foreign language, it’s never too early or too late to start. 2nd language learning helps you to develop cultural literacy and engages your brain in challenging activity. Finally, language learning can open the door to new employment opportunities and enable you to make contacts in any part of the world to communicate for business or pleasure.

Why Translation Matters for Business?

Most business with an Internet presence are interested in attracting a variety of clients, both local and international. While it’s certainly true that English is widely spoken, having a multilingual website can mean increased profit margins and brand recognition. Between the year 2000 and 2010 English content on the Internet increased by 281.2 %. That seems like an impressive figure until it’s compared with an increase in content, during the same period, of 1,277.4 % in Chinese and 743.2 %in Spanish. Since quality content is available in a variety of languages it becomes imperative to have services and product descriptions available in a client’s native language.

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